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Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah for giving Mama such a wonderful family. There’s nothing more important than Ayah, Nuqman n Kalish in Mama's life. You guys are most valuable, precious, and priceless gift ever. This blog is merely dedicated to Mama’s heroes; Nuqman and Kalish. Hopefully, when both of u is big enough to understand the meaning of live, u will know how much Mama n Ayah cares and loves both of you.
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vacation @ PPUM

Vacation??? haha.. we're on our vacation at ppum.

why.. pity nuqman..
mama as always, akan susah hati kalo xstay with abg at hospital.. and for sure kalo mama stay, baby alisapun hv to stay sbb she's breastfeed.. and of course   ayah also hv to stay sbb ayah la the one yg kene tlg nuqman itu dan ini coz mama susah nk gerak sane sini with this cute little alisa.. and kalish... xkan nk tinggal umah sorang2kan.. sudahnya sume kene stay kat spital teman nuqman..sudahnye jadik la family vacation@ppum.. huhu

This time of admittance agak best laa.. double thumbs up to wad kanak2 
@ ppum(now known as ummc) ni compared to previous punye admittance 4 years ago.. time tu kalish kene prolong jaundice n suspected ade problm ngan hati.. tp alhamdulillah everything ok. time tu kene admit about 1 week jugak kot.. time tu ari2 mama nangis nk kluar spital, rase nk lari dr spital.. dng surroundingnye, dng nursenye n etc.. sngt2 xbest..

Tp everything have changed... happy happy happy
from the building, the look, the surrounding, the nurses.. 

#Day2@ppum ~ 10thMay2014

Alhamdulillah, nuqman getting better. Demam dh xde, dh ade selera makan, dah boleh main ngan adik2.. he's back to normal.
Alhamdulillah syukur
Ya Allah..

Hopefully.. dpt kluar spital arini..


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