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Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah for giving Mama such a wonderful family. There’s nothing more important than Ayah, Nuqman n Kalish in Mama's life. You guys are most valuable, precious, and priceless gift ever. This blog is merely dedicated to Mama’s heroes; Nuqman and Kalish. Hopefully, when both of u is big enough to understand the meaning of live, u will know how much Mama n Ayah cares and loves both of you.
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Allahuakbar..Allah Maha Besar

Alhamdulillah.. Syukur Ya Allah.

Mama rase half an hour after mama post 1st entry just now.. mama terlelap.. suddenly mama dengor mcm abg (nuqman) nangis..
Tp bile mama pegik dekat abg.. mcm nk gugur jantung mama, menggigil mama.. abg kene sawan@ tarik.. air liur dh meleleh, badan dh lembik, suhu badan panas sngt2.. mama terus menjerit2 pggl ayah. Time tu, mama n ayah keep on pggl abg tp xde respond.

Mama n ayah terus bukak baju n seluar abg n mandikan.. tp still xde response.  Lembik, dudukpun xbleh..
Mama sngt2 risau time tuh.. Pastu mama n ayah masukkan ubat ikut bud2..

Pastu mama n ayah terus siap2 pegi PPUM... sian kalish n alisa, nangis2 ngantuk. ayah bwk kete selaju yg mungkin.. abg still shaking n mama duduk ngan make sure he's OK b4 kami reach spital..

Smpi spital, terus register, amik temperature, blood pressure n wait for the doctor.. lepas jmpe doctor, abg kene warded.. as to monitor him and to know the cause of sawan@tarik..

And now we still waiting for the admition procedure... it's 4.00 am. We are here since 2.40 am

Mama bersyukur sngt2 Allah sedarkan mama time abg kene serangan sawan tu.. and Allah berikan kekuatan n ketenangan utk mama n ayah bertenang & berfikir apa yg perlu kami buat..

Alhamdulillah.. syukur Ya Allah di atas rahmatMu dan diatas pengalaman pertama kami.

It's such a sudden.. there's no sign b4 abg went to sleep.. so, to those parents out there.. please be careful, do check your child frequently n always..

Mudah mudahan abg selamat n sihat seperti sediakala..
permudahkanlah segala urusan kami Ya Allah..Amin.


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